China Retail Sustainable Consumption Platform (CRSCP) has been jointly developed by the UN Environment and China Chain Store & Franchise Association in 2015. CRSCP aims to address challenges in professional knowledge, staff and resources in retail sector by providing tools and guidance on sustainable development strategies and governance for retail enterprises. On the other hand, CRSCP aims to lead the society transition towards sustainable pattern by promoting awareness and actions on sustainable consumption and production.CRSCP serves as the platform to assist, demonstrate and promote the UN-China Sustainable Consumption Partnership, and the implementation of the 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns (10YFP) in China.


To develop as a practical toolkit for sustainable development of retail sector in China;

To improve the market recognition of sustainable products;

To lead the implementation of sustainable development strategies in China retail sector;

To become the platform to assist, demonstrate and promote the implementation of the UN-China Sustainable Consumption Partnership。 


Promote awareness and actions of sustainable consumption;

Improve retail enterprises’ self-evaluation and recognition in sustainable development;

Establish information database of policies, standards, technologies, products, and suppliers in relation to sustainable consumption;

Guide retail enterprises to seek their own solutions to improve sustainable operation and management。



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